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Legacy Studio

We want to tell you a little bit about us, the path that brought us here, and how we changed our «mindset» from graphic designers to designers.

Before we start…

How many times have you felt that what you know is not enough?

A few years ago when we started in this business we wanted to “Revolutionize the world” — well, until A few years ago, when we started in this business we wanted to “Revolutionize the world of design” — well, until now 💪🏼 —, and this is because the world we`re in requires a lot of passion, a love of solving problems and a desire to delve into the unknown. Which, if you’re into it like us, I’m sure you understand perfectly.

Questions like “How can I solve this problem?”, “How can the design be in line with new trends?” o “What is more visually attractive?” were very common in our early years as designers, and that was fine, for a while.

WWe found the answers, learned how to design in the “right” way and how to solve the challenges we had, but at a certain point we asked ourselves:

“What is the next step?” “What the hell do I have to do?”

As you grow as a professional, the world demands more of you, the problems become more complex and yes (sigh), there we found ourselves, being viewed by the world as artists — Thank you mom 🥰 — but really involved in the world of business that our degree did not prepare us for.

Our questions changed…

“How can we design something with the users in mind? “How do we generate added value for them, not only with good graphics?” “How do we solve deeper problems? “How do we contribute to improving our clients’ business?”

It’s definitely a different approach, and these new questions became clearer when Legacy, our own business, started.

To help our clients we had to understand their business 120% 🤓, their problems and be clear that they make an investment and expect to receive added value in return. And it has not been easy, it is a path of constant changes and each business is faced in different ways and with a dose of uncertainty at the beginning or sometimes throughout the process (thanks/no thanks for that).

Then wait…

Are they telling us that they are not clear about what should be done? 🤔

What we mean by this is not that we don’t know how to solve problems, but with every challenge comes a new dose of uncertainty, and of course, we don’t have all the answers, in fact we don’t think anyone has them.

Also, as we said before, our training as designers did not teach us about the business world (something that we believe needs to change 🙏🏼), but however much or little we have learned in our experience, the most important thing for us is to go out and do things, launch ourselves and stop thinking about the «what would be if…»

We want to continue learning from our clients, that the challenges become greater and we continue to improve in the face of uncertainty. Because only by knowing our clients deeply we can learn more about their business and thus be able to solve their problems in the best way. And this must be done collaboratively, as a team 🙌🏼 

We say this because we believe that anyone who says «I’ll fix this ALONE» is wrong. And it’s not bad to be wrong, mind you, we have been wrong many times (some more than others) but we say it proudly because that has brought us here. 

Our mission is to face each challenge looking for these answers and knowledge. 

Now, you may be wondering, and what use is this to me?

What we are trying to tell you is how we work as a company, our thoughts from the beginning until today. And if all this still seems confusing to you, here we summarize it just like this.

  • Understanding the customer and their needs (Basic).
  • Know who you are designing for (Users).
  • Create ideas and prototypes hand in hand with the client (We are a team!).
  • Being passionate when designing (After all, it is the most beautiful part of being a designer, right?).
  • Give 120% every time (remember being passionate?).
  • Do not be afraid to make a mistake (It is mandatory).
  • Be humble, don’t think you know everything (If someone tells you something, however ugly it may be, there is almost always a reason behind it).

We want to tell you that these are the pillars to be able to leave a mark, to enhance the designer’s career and to create a healthy market. BUT — there are always buts — to achieve this we have to fight against.

  • Conformism and the traditional way of working.
  • Flat products.
  • HTML templates.
  • People who don’t value design and think it should be cheap.
  • Charge by hours and not by value.
  • People who only talk and don’t ACT.
  • People who say they are not wrong (because it does not exist).

We are Legacy and we want to leave a mark.