Strategy, UI / UX Design, Motion Design, Art direction


Culqi is the digital payment platform of Grupo Credicorp. They wanted to improve the perception that users had about the product, and along with their business strategy and re-branding, they wanted to improve the website strategy and interactive experience.

To have a deeper understanding of all the products within Culqi, and also to gather all the information their main stakeholders had to share, we organized 2 different workshops:
- The first one was to understand the problem and to define design principles.
- The second one was to create user personas and sketch the ideal of the platform we wanted to create.

These workshops with Culqi’s main stakeholders were very important. Our experience taught us that not a single product is created in isolation, we prefer to gather everyone and listen to their ideas for better results.

After a few user tests and iterations, we ended up with a solid design proposal that was supposed to help Culqi’s team with their business. Unfortunately, the project was never developed as per our direction because of internal decisions. Even though this project didn’t work out, we are happy to have collaborated on a project like this.