UI / UX Design, Art direction, Development, Motion Design


El Pan de la Chola is a bakery shop located in Lima, Peru. Currently, they have 4 restaurants in the city, and besides producing high-quality artisan bread, they’ve extended their options to coffee, desserts, and more.
In 2020, with the increased demand for online shopping because of the pandemic, they wanted to expand their business and have their own e-commerce, where people could buy their products and know more about their brand.

Just like their straightforward process for making bread –flour, salt, and water– and the vision they brought to their restaurants, we wanted the website to be simple and as aesthetic as possible, so the users can be reminded of the feeling they have when going to the restaurant.

Using the same methodology we apply to every project, we began by understanding the problem, and then testing all the assumptions the client and us had with real customers.

After this initial phase, and after having many conversations with the client and the team and considering all the feedback received, we started focusing on the direction we wanted to take with the UI and motion design.

For the development phase, and because this project was made entirely in WooCommerce, we had lots of meetings with the Pan de la Chola’s team to try to figure out all the internal requests from the team members who were going to manage the CMS, so they could have the best experience using the platform internally.

Croissant (Photo by Exebio)

Team member (Photo by Exebio)

At the end of the project, and after many croissants and pain au chocolats, we built a strong, reliable, and easy-to-use platform while at the same time satisfying the internal and external users, and bringing the essence of El Pan de la Chola to the digital world.