UI / UX Design, Development, Art direction, Motion Design


Exebio is a successful branding agency in Lima, Peru which we have had the opportunity to work with on different projects.

When they found themselves in need of increasing their online presence, it only felt natural to have us help them by re-designing their website.

We spoke with Patty, the owner, and she gave us the freedom to create whatever we believed matched the internal branding and mindset they had already created; one-of-a-kind projects you can explore based on one very simple criteria: Show the work.

As a result of this simple but effective motto, we knew we weren’t going to be able to show all the projects Exebio had and have the users truly see all of them. As a result, we had Exebio choose the best projects they’d worked on, and that way we could ensure the users would be able to see the best of the best and leave their website with a memorable feeling.

Also, within the Projects page, we thought it would be better if the users could apply a filter based on Exebio’s six core values, so they could relate each project to each core value.

With Patty’s input, we decided the main direction of the experience should be very organic, simple, and non-structured as Exebio perceives their culture.

The team at Exebio loved the final result, and we were pleased to have helped and worked with a very passionate and talented team which is always setting high standards for the design industry.